Grupo Britt (the Britt Group) was founded in Costa Rica in 1985, with the goal of positioning its gourmet coffee in major international markets. Over the years, the market itself invited innovation and encouraged change to this business model, honing to focus on Britt Shop retail stores, primarily in airports and tourist spots.

In the early 90s, Grupo Britt opened a retail store in Costa Rica's Juan Santamaría International Airport, leveraging the brand's creativity to adapt a golf cart for use as a kiosk cafe, where consumers could purchase bags of Britt gourmet coffee while savoring a delicious cup of coffee, cappuccino or espresso.

In 2001, the airport opened space for commercial outlets, and Grupo Britt won the bid to operate some of the first gift shops. The Britt Shop concept took off, and soon grew beyond the confines of airport and even Costa Rica.

A natural progression of its vision, Grupo Britt made the decision to expand into international markets as a multinational company, developing new products in every country where it opened operations. Rather than export products, Britt exported its successful business model.

The company continues to actively pursue international markets and to date, has invested in Peru (2005), Curacao (2006), Chile (2007), Antigua and Barbuda (2009), Mexico, New Caledonia (2010), the Dominican Republic (2011), Colombia (2012), Brazil, Uruguay and Ecuador (2015).

Britt employs more than 1,730 people and expects to achieve approximately US$120 million in revenue in 2015.

BrittShop Story Our airport Coffee Cart BrittShop, Our airport Coffee Cart Our first gift kiosk, Tropical Our first gift kiosk, "Tropical," Juan Santamaría International Airport, 2001 BrittShop, Our first gift kiosk Casa Tica Our first gift shop, "Casa Tica," Juan Santamaría International Airport, 2001