Britt Shop Story

Since the mid 1990’s Britt thought of the International Airport in Costa Rica as a place where the traveler must find our products.

Back at that time there were no bids for shops, and the only souvenir shop was government owned and operated. The Company was able to adapt a golf cart and use it as a coffee cart, where customers could buy bags of Britt, and taste our Cappuccino, espresso and drip coffee by the cup.

Then in 2001 Britt won the bid to operate gift shops in the Costa Rican Airport. The Britt Shop concept grew beyond the airport and beyond Costa Rica.

Britt decided to expand internationally not so much by exporting its products, but primarily by exporting its business model. The Company decided to actively pursue international markets and invested in Perú (2005), Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles (2006), Chile (2007), Miami, St. Thomas (2008), Antigua and Barbuda (2009) and Mexico (2010).

The Company employs over 1000 people, and Britt expects about US$80 million in revenues during 2010.

BrittShop Story Our airport Coffee Cart BrittShop, Our airport Coffee Cart Our first gift kiosk, Tropical Our first gift kiosk, "Tropical," Juan Santamaría International Airport, 2001 BrittShop, Our first gift kiosk Casa Tica Our first gift shop, "Casa Tica," Juan Santamaría International Airport, 2001